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Safe Soda, Bath
Safe Soda, Bath

Safe Soda, Bath

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Soothe your aching muscles and bones using our Superior Soda Bath. Quality Natural Soda Bicarbonate, ready to relax you.

Our Exterior Superior Soda is the highest grade medical/pharmaceutical sodium bicarbonate that is produced from nature itself for its purity, quality and strength.

Safe Soda is registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and classed as a Listed Medicine with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). AUSTL 326278 and NZ

Urinary alkaliser
Antacid/reduces stomach acid
Helps restore body electrolyte balance
Decrease/reduce/relieve muscle cramps
Maintain/support body electrolyte balance
Reduce/decrease mild muscle inflammation
Helps enhance/improve muscle recovery time
Maintain/support general health and wellbeing
Decrease/reduce/relieve symptoms of heartburn
Decrease/reduce/relieve muscle tension/stiffness
Decrease/reduce/relieve muscle pain/ache/soreness
Helps reduce occurrence of medically diagnosed cystitis
Helps maintain/support healthy acid/alkali balance in the body
Decrease/reduce/relieve symptoms of occasional episodes of gout
Helps decrease/reduce/relieve symptoms of medically diagnosed cystitis
Helps enhance/improve/promote/increase muscle performance/endurance/stamina
Helps decrease/reduce/relieve burning sensation/irritation upon urination associated with medically diagnosed cystitis