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A healthy body starts with ...

C O S M I C  H Y D R A T I O N 

We deliver beautifully clean, high vibrational pure and alkaline water to homes and businesses on the Gold Coast.  It is our mission to spread the word on the importance of this most magical life giving substance and offer you the best quality drinking water we possibly can.


We purify our water using a state of the art multi stage carbon and reverse osmosis filtration system to ensure all toxins, including chlorine, fluoride, pathogens and heavy metals are removed. Our alkaline water is mineralised with trace elements of potassium, magnesium and calcium (typical pH analysis of between 8.5-9.5) and samples are submitted regularly to ensure quality control is maintained.   

The experiments of Japanese researcher Dr Masaru Emoto and other scientists and researchers provide evidence that vibrations including sound frequencies, thoughts/intentions, and words, have a profound affect on the molecular structure of water. Our tanks are covered with positive words.  We play music to our water daily, which includes Solfeggio Frequencies at varying hertz, drumming, chanting and classical music.  Your water is infused daily with healing vibes and positive intentions. You never quite know what your water will be infused with ... there could even be a bit of Led Zepplin infused water in one of your purchased bottles!  

Upon leaving our tanks and entering our BPA Free bottles, our water goes through a structuring process which mimics nature using a patented toroidal vortex mechanism. This process clears the cellular memory of the water back to its energised, pristine state, optimising the molecular structure for greater absorption into our body's cells.  


Water is THE single most important substance your body needs.  Most of us don't realise when we are dehydrated, until it's too late and it is the underlying cause of many health issues.  We all know that water is essential for the body, however most are unaware just how vital "great" water is for our well being.  Simply drinking good quality water everyday can ease or prevent many health issues.  It's that simple.