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Pure and alkaline water, with a difference

It’s yours, Gold Coast: Beautiful water that’s free from toxins and full of high vibrations – in reusable bottles. Good for you, good for the planet.

“If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

What makes our water so special?


Our water is purified through state-of-the-art carbon and reverse osmosis filters, removing all toxins. Trace elements are added for a PH of between 8.5and 9.5. It is tested regularly and bottled daily, so it never sits on a shelf.


Studies have shown that the vibrations we give out can change the structure of water. We cover our tanks with positive words, play it music daily– including healing frequencies – and infuse it with good intentions.


On the journey from tank to BPA-free bottle, our water is sent through a toroidal vortex, clearing it of memory. It tastes silky and smooth. Your body can now absorb it faster and stay hydrated longer.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hi Vibe water is nothing short of amazing! My partner and I have noticed a massive difference since drinking your water. We’ve both had huge shifts and noticed big changes energetically. I’m remembering my dreams more, my hair is improving and I’m feeling better overall. It has made a big positive impact on our lives. After researching different types of water and water filters for many months, I know that I now have the best water

Suzy Radman

I have been using Hi Vibe Water for the past 18 months and I absolutely love it. Living the lifestyle I live it’s important for me to feel clear, calm, present and have loads of energy. Being hydrated is so important to me. It’s a necessity for me to be drinking high quality water on a daily basis and with Hi Vibe I know I’m getting just that and without any hassle. Love the product and service they provide

Alastair Day (6 X Coolangatta Gold Iron Man Champion)

I used to suffer horribly from dehydration despite all the bottled water I drank, but since we've been drinking Hi Vibe I feel SO much better and my skin is proof of that! I have a sweet tooth son who used to hate water and only want juice, but now he drinks 1.3L of Hi Vibe Water a day and I've noticed a vast improvement in his mood alone because of it.

Katey Mason

HiVibe Water gets it! They have an incredibly deep understanding of how important quality water is and the technology to produce it. As a health enthusiast and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I value quality hydration to say the least. Often, I observe my clients have a profound shift when improving their water quality and volume into their daily routine, and Hi Vibe Water is where I send them.

Nick Perry (Holistic Lifestyle Coach)

Amazing alkaline water for your body.

Dr Trent Headlam

When we moved to the Coast we found the tap water tasted like a swimming pool and we just couldn’t stomach it. We looked at lots of options but decided the best choice we could make was Hi-Vibe Water...their filtration system is top of the line, the taste is nothing but pure...and they’re a gorgeous bunch of humans to deal with.”

Traci Genders

What an inspirational team of health conscious humans. Everyone in my family loves drinking high vibe water as it has an almost silky smooth texture to it from the purification, restructuring and activation process. Can't recommend highly enough!”

Courtney Pitcher

Thank you so much for going above and beyond in your customer service. Purchased and delivered while we are stuck in Victoria to property in Burleigh Heads with excellent communication along the way. Five stars.

Renee Taigar

HiVibe water is the best tasting water I've ever tried. Move over filtered tapwater and literally any other water, Hi Vibe will knock your socks off! The HiVibe team are beyond kind and every time they drop off our bottles of water, wehear them talk to our dogs through the door (meanwhile our dogs are barking atthem, demanding pats!). 13/10 would recommend!

Matt McShane