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I have been using Hi Vibe Water for the past 18 months and I absolutely love it. Living the lifestyle I live it’s important for me to feel clear, calm, present and have loads of energy. Being hydrated is so important to me. It’s a necessity for me to be drinking high quality water on a daily basis and with Hi Vibe I know I’m getting just that and without any hassle. Love the product and service they provide.

Alastair Day
8 x Coolangatta Gold Iron Man Champion
I found the key to health! Not even joking .. here's my secret .. over the past 2 years I have literally only been sick ONCE .. and even then it didn't last long .. so here goes .. over the past 2 years I have eaten an organic plant based diet .. and I have only drank the finest water !! Purified alkaline water. I literally grind non stop and need less sleep too! Not even fu***** kidding !! Life is amazing now .. back in the day I found my self getting sick ever couple of months! I swear brothers n sisters .. don't knock it until u try it !! Even just if it's for a week .. I guarantee after that week u will feel boosted.  SO LOVE UR SELF AND SERVICE YOUR VEHICLE (your body) ... Thanks Hi Vibe Water for helping my family THRIVE instead of just SURVIVE.  
Jimmy Yox


Hello Hi Vibe Fam! I just wanted to say thank you once again for your nectar (aka the best water ever). I used to suffer horribly from dehydration despite all the bottled water I drank, but since we've been drinking Hi Vibe I feel SO much better and my skin is proof of that! I have a sweet tooth son who used to hate water and only want juice, but now he drinks 1.3L of Hi Vibe Water a day and I've noticed a vast improvement in his mood alone because of it. Thanks for doing what you do, thirsty peeps appreciate it.

Katey Mason


Hi Vibe Water gets it! You only need to walk into the store to see all the water related paraphernalia and passion. They have an incredibly deep understanding of how important quality water is and the technology to produce it. As a health enthusiast and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I value quality hydration to say the least. Often, I observe my clients have a profound shift when improving their water quality and volume into their daily routine, and Hi Vibe Water is where I send them.

Nick Perry
Holistic Lifestyle Coach


I use Hi Vibe Water and recommend it to every one of my clients. Water and water quality is the most important thing you can put in your mouth. Thank you Hi Vibe for making the Gold Coast a healthier and more aware place. 
Thank you for doing an amazing job!

Taylor Cecil
Taylor Made Coaching

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