We deliver from Byron Bay up to Noosa
Are the blue 15L Hi Vibe Water bottles ours to keep?
NO.  They are the property of Pure Water Burleigh Pty Ltd t/as Hi Vibe Water and must be returned to our shop after they are emptied.  If you decide you no longer want to use our service you must return the bottles to Hi Vibe to redeem the bottle deposit you paid upon signing up as a customer.  We charge of $50 per bottle if our bottles are not returned to Hi Vibe HQ. 
Can I leave the bottles in the sun if I am not home when you deliver? 
NO.  Our bottles are heat sensitive.  They must be kept in cool places or in the shade.  They warp and melt and are we are then unable to use them again.  Please never leave our bottles in your car.  If any bottles are damaged you must pay a fee of $50 per bottle.
Do I have to leave my empty bottles out to receive more bottles?
YES.  If you do not leave your empty bottles out we will not deliver more bottles to you.  We need our bottles to circulate through to our other customers. 

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Please be sure to leave your empty bottles out for the driver to collect upon delivery of your new water bottles

Please also specify where you would like the bottles left if no one is home to receive them


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