Complete Home Health Starter Pack
Complete Home Health Starter Pack
Complete Home Health Starter Pack
Complete Home Health Starter Pack
Complete Home Health Starter Pack

Complete Home Health Starter Pack

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Our Complete Home Health Starter Pack saves new customers $51 and has everything you need to make sure the water in your home is toxin-free.

Pristine water is not just for drinking, it’s incredibly beneficial for showering as well.

When we shower, the largest organ in our body (our skin) is subjected to whatever toxins are in our water. And when we breathe in shower steam, those toxins are inhaled into our whole body.

That’s why it’s so important that we remove toxins at the source – before they get to our shower!

One of the most common additives to water is chlorine, which causes skin irritation and dryness.  The Hi Vibe Shower Filter removes chlorine in shower water, plus heavy metals and other impurities.

Our Healing Starter Pack comes with:

  • Your choice of three 15L Hi Vibe pure or alkaline water.
  • Your choice of water dispenser to keep your water at room temperature – no electricity required.
  • A Hi Vibe Shower Filter to remove toxins from water, improve skin and hair health, detox your body and increase immunity.
  • A first-time customer once-off $30 bottle deposit, which we give straight back to you if you return the bottles and don’t want to continue sourcing water from us. If you don’t give the bottles back, or you bring them back badly damaged, you’ll forfeit your deposit.

You can add a small or tall stand to complete your water display should you feel called too at an additional cost.

What is so special about Hi Vibe’s water?

Studies have shown that the vibrations we give out – things like thoughts, intentions, sounds and energy – can actually change the structure of water. We want our water to be full of the most positive healing vibrations out there, so we:

  • Cover our tanks with positive words.
  • Play the water music daily, including powerful healing frequencies (and sometimes a little Bob Marley to mix things up)!
  • Infuse it with good vibrations.

We also bottle our water daily so it never sits on a shelf for weeks or months at a time. We look after our environment by using reusable bottles.