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Crystal Infused Water Bottle 450ml
Crystal Infused Water Bottle 450ml

Crystal Infused Water Bottle 450ml

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Crystal infused water has been used for thousands of years to promote spiritual and physical health.  Infuse your body, mind and soul with the healing powers of Rose Quartz.

A master stone for opening up the heart chakra and connecting to your divine feminine energies, enhancing self love, nourishment and compassion.

It does this by moving the properties of crystals into our body, through the molecular and vibrational charge of the water, allowing us to harness and absorb all of the powerful high vibrational energy.


  • 450ml
  • Food grade rose gold stainless steel
  • Safe twin chamber to ensure 100% pure water and no leaching. Also allows usage of crystals, stones, gems and even essential oils that are not advised to be immersed in water.
  • Wide mouth for easy drinking and cleaning
  • INCLUDED - 200gram genuine rose quartz.

Please note: your crystals come in a drawstring bag. Please place these in the lower chamber before use.

As each crystal used is natural and unique in its own perfect beauty,  please be aware the colour of each crystal will vary slightly.

Care and use

We recommend you wash all components separately by hand with warm, soapy water before using.

Please keep the bottle at room temperature and do not freeze.


As with any stone, crystal or gem, please handle your crystal with care, to avoid chipping.

Always check your crystals and bottle before use, for any loose fragments.