How do your water filters work?

Our system is the ultimate in water filtration. First, water is pushed through carbon cartridges removing chlorine and sediment, then it undergoes reverse osmosis where it is sent through extra fine membranes (in the opposite direction to natural osmosis) to remove other contaminants including lead and fluoride. This leaves it pristine and pure. The filter process is so effective that is even strips away trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, so we add them back in to our alkaline water.

What is alkaline water?

Firstly, it’s got a higher pH level than normal drinking water. The pH level is how you measure how acidic or alkaline something is. Alkaline water generally has a pH level of between 8 and 10. Normal drinking water has a neutral pH of around 7, which makes it more acidic than alkaline water. Secondly, alkaline water contains trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

What are the benefits of drinking alkaline water?

Studies have shown that drinking alkaline water may be good for your health and we believe that anything you can do to combat environmental toxins is good for you! It’s vitally important that we treat our bodies well and be mindful of the water we give them.

Our customers have said that since drinking our water, they’ve noticed improvements in: Hair and skin quality, hydration levels, mood, Immunity, we’ve even been told that kids who have never wanted to drink water before are drinking our water like it’s going out of style!

What is the difference between pure and alkaline water?

Our pure water goes through the same filtration system as our alkaline water (read all about it above) but for pure water, we don’t add in trace minerals. This pristine water has a pH of around 8 and 10. It has none of the nasties you’d usually find in tap water, but it’s loaded with good vibrations.

What do you mean by ‘high vibrations’?

As Nikola Tesla said, “If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” Studies have shown that the vibrations we give out – things like thoughts, intentions, sounds and energy – can actually change the structure of water. We want our water to be full of the most positive healing vibrations out there, so we:Cover our tanks with positive words.Play the water music daily, including powerful healing frequencies (and sometimes a little Hendrix to mix things up)!Infuse it with good vibrations.That’s what makes it so special – the love that goes into every bottle.

Why is your water different to other alkaline and pure water services?

Firstly, we don’t believe in just sending out beautifully-clean pure and alkaline water. We send out high-vibrational water that has been restructured and filled with love. It’s not just good for the body, it’s good for the soul. You can read about these high vibrations above.

Secondly, we bottle our water daily so it never sits on a shelf.

Thirdly, we look out for the environment by never using single-use plastic bottles for our water.

Isn’t spring water the best?Spring water is awesome, but even spring water needs to go through a lengthy filtration process. We filter our water like this and then take it two steps further – infusing it with good vibrations through music, affirmations and intentions, then clearing it of memory through a restructuring process. Our water is then in the perfect state for your body to absorb it, as well as all the good vibes we put in it.

Why don’t you use glass bottles?

Glass bottles are lovely but they are fragile, heavy and expensive. Our BPA-free bottles are easy for you to move around and they are less likely to crack, which means we can fulfil our commitment to the environment by reusing them.

Do I have to return the bottles?

Yep! We’re serious about our commitment to reducing single-use plastic, so we swap your used bottles for fresh ones. The first time you buy water from us, we take a refundable $10 per bottle deposit

Can I leave my bottles in the sun?

Nope, our BPA-free bottles are sensitive to heat and might warp if they are left out too long. We’re on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic, so our bottles are meant to be re-used. If they are damaged, we can’t re-use them so please look after them. Don’t leave them in the sun or in your car.


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